Chief Pilot

Position Type: Full-time
Primary Location: Huntsville, AL
Travel: Up to 50% 

Job Description:
The primary purpose of the position is to ensure
organizational effectiveness (primarily of our survey pilot group) and asset
management/scheduling to satisfy both internal and external needs. Working closely with
Revolution’s Executive Management Team, the position will also contribute to the development
and implementation of organizational strategies, workflows, and best practices. By doing so,
the Chief Pilot will help ensure the organizational effectiveness of the Geospatial Operations
group and help maintain client satisfaction.

● Serve as the primary point of contact for Revolution’s pilot group. Proactively
communicate with pilots in the field by encouraging best practices, evaluating
performance, and providing timely/actionable feedback.
● Set monthly pilot schedule per Revolution’s Scheduling Guidelines. Coordinate
resources (both aircraft and staffing) with the appropriate groups to eliminate/minimize
downtime by forecasting known/planned maintenance events and personnel schedules.
● Facilitate monthly pilot meetings at scheduled intervals.
● Develop and implement robust training programs for our pilots, including new pilot
training, ground school, indoc, and manuals, for both in-house and in-field training.
● Help create/maintain pilot performance management system.
● Assist in the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process of new flight staff.
● Act as PIC on an as-needed basis.

● Expected to become proficient with various versions of GIS software, including TrackAir,
RAWQV viewer, Subflight Shopper, and Google Earth Pro.
● Serve as secondary support for certain key clients by participating in regularly scheduled
meetings and monitoring and communicating with internal and external stakeholders via
various communications platforms.
● Develop and maintain strong client relationships through consistent and transparent
● Model dedication and commitment to our client's success by thoroughly understanding
their needs and goals.
● Work with clients to develop additional partnership opportunities and organic growth.
● Leverage technical expertise to improve existing business processes and workflows and
design and implement new ones as necessary.
● Monitor financial aspects of projects, including invoicing and other financial items.
● Create various status reports and lead/coordinate meetings covering schedules, risks,
budgets, and resources.
● Provide technical and analytical guidance to the project team.
Other duties as required. This is not an all-encompassing list, this is a framework for the
role that will continue to grow and develop over time.

• Possess a valid FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument rating and at least a 2nd class medical certificate
• Minimum of 1,000 hours as PIC, including 500 hours of survey experience
• Strong knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations and aviation safety procedures
• Ability to effectively communicate in English, both verbally and in writing
• Excellent organizational skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently
• Demonstrated leadership abilities and the ability to supervise a flight crew
• Analytical skills to assess situations quickly and make informed decisions
Please note that this job description is not exhaustive and additional duties may be assigned as needed.

● Starting salary $80,000 USD per year
● Standard bonus structure applies when deployed in the field and acting as PIC
● 100% of single payer medical insurance is covered by Revolution with contributions
capped at $500 per month through our BCBS policy. Access to Dental, vision, 401K, or
other company benefit plans that may become available.
● There are no additional payments for overtime or after-hours work performed. Standard
work weeks apply, but weekends and holidays will be worked as operationally
● Three weeks of Paid Time Off is provided on a use-it-or-lose-it basis. More than seven
days consecutively requires approval.
● Weekly mentoring, quarterly coaching, and the chance to re-evaluate salary after one

Please send resumes to

Certified Flight Instructor

 Horizon Aviation • Warwick, Rhode Island, USA
Position Type: Permanent

Position Details

CFI’s are the foundation of the aviation industry. We believe they should be treated as professionals. We believe that if a person loves to teach and loves to fly, they should be able to earn a good living as an Instructor. We believe that flight instructors can do more than just build hours; they are continuing a tradition and inspiring the next generation of aviators.

Horizon Aviation is proud to offer those with a passion for teaching and a driving commitment to their student’s success the opportunity to join our team of professional aviation educators.

Our students success: Our instructors put their students first by providing honest guidance that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of their training experience. At every stage, our instructors are evaluating what is best for the their students. The question is never how “I can benefit” from a lesson, it is always how does this help my student.

The ability to teach: A CFI certificate does not guarantee that a person is an effective teacher. Each of our CFI’s undergoes a thorough evaluation and coaching process with our chief pilot. We want you to be the best, and we will help you get there. You need to be the type of pilot that makes people say “they know their stuff.”

We know that most instructors are building time so that that they may progress in their careers. We want you to succeed and we want to be a part in that success. Our past instructors are now flying for a variety of airlines, and charter companies and we could not be prouder of their accomplishments.

    CFI, CFII – $45,000/yr salary
Senior CFI, CFII, MEI – $55,000/yr salary (2,000 hours dual given)
Health insurance available
Paid vacation & holidays
Relocation assistance available
Fly 1,000 hours+ per year typically
Diverse aircraft fleet
Actual IMC experience
In-house maintenance department
Free Garmin Pilot subscription
Background check required
Horizon Aviation is an equal opportunity employer.

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