PC-12 First Officer -Position Filled

Boutique Air - Any Base

Position Details

Boutique Air is hiring Captains and First Officers to fly the PC-12 throughout the country. The PC-12 is operated in the executive and commuter configuration to accommodate scheduled airline service operations throughout the United States.

The Professional Difference:
Boutique Air operations utilize a two crew operation hinged on Crew Resource Management (CRM) and standardization. Our crew concept is modeled after the industry standards utilizing checklists, call outs, flows, and Standard Operating Practices (SOP's). We have a Flight Standards Manual that covers every aspect of our flight operation. Safety is our number one priority!

Training Pay: We now pay full pay for all pilots from the very first day of ground school!

Pilots: Over 100+ pilots and counting.

Pilot Domiciles: Baltimore (KBWI), Denver (KDEN), Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW), Oakland (KOAK), Portland (KPDX).

Open Time/Trip Trade: All pilots have access to system wide open time. This means you can pick up flying in advance that is unassigned to another pilot. Boutique Air also allows for pilots to trip trade.
CASS/Jumpseat (Cockpit Access Security System): Boutique Air participates in CASS and MyIDTravel at no cost to the pilot. Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier are among some of our reciprocal agreements. We grow the jumpseat program every month.

Pay Scale:
PC-12 First Officer Base Rate Hourly Monthly Guarantee Yearly Guarantee Amount $33.33/hour, 75 hours/month, $30,000.00/year.

Boutique Air is seeking qualified and motivated SIC candidates for the Pilatus PC-12!
Boutique Air has been conducting charter operations under Part 135 since 2009 and added Essential Air Service operations in 2014. This allows our crews to fly into all different kinds of airports in all different climates and levels of service, making our pilots some of the best trained and most versatile in the industry. We have pilots domiciled in DFW, BWI, PDX, and OAK.
Currently we assign domiciles based on seniority during the first week of ground school.
Our route structure enables most pilots to be home every day during their workweek, and flexibility with their schedules.

If you have 1200+ hours, please apply as Captain.

SIC Requirements:
• Commercial pilot certificate with instrument rating
• First Class Medical
• 500 - 1,100 hours total time depending on need
• 100 hours Point-to-Point Cross Country time
• 25 hours Night Point-to-Point Cross Country time

SIC Preferred Experience:
• 6 months employment experience as a pilot
• 50 hours turbine And 75 hours instrument

SIC Compensation:
• $33.33/flight hour with 75 hour/month guarantee ($30,000/year)
• Health Insurance
• $30/rest period per diem after first rest period away from base
We look forward to having you join the team!

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